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is a condition marked by abnormal physical and mental development that is caused by a genetic defect. In general, children with Down syndrome usually meet developmental milestones, but it may take them longer than it does a child without Down syndrome. In the following studies, the various strengths and weaknesses of the language the color purple compare and contrast essay and communication of individuals with Down syndrome (DS) is reviewed and discussed. And I don t blame people who don t want to get involved in work with Down Syndrome affected persons. Of course, it depends on how severe the handicap is, but in most of the cases, this is true. Initially, Down's syndrome was given the label of Mongolism due to the characteristics.

  tags: Biology Chromosome Disorders Free Essays 374 words (1.1 pages) Preview - Down Syndrome Although many theories have been developed, it is not known what actually causes Down syndrome. Approximately 1 in 5,000 people are affected. I think this is the only way to make their Down Syndrome child become someone with ambitions in our society, like Jason and Mitchell. Maternal blood tests can also suggest the presence of a fetus with Down syndrome when levels of alphafetoprotein are lower than usual, or when levels of unconjugated estriol and human chorionic gonadotrophin are abnormal.   tags: genetics, trisomy 21 Better Essays 923 words (2.6 pages) Preview - How Individuals with Down Syndrome can Prosper in Life Roger is a handsome blonde, blue-eyed boy but one can tell he is different from most other children. . Along with four of my classmates, I went to the Best Buddies meetings and two events, a Halloween party and a Penn State womens volleyball game, and had some exposure to people who have mental retardation.   tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers Strong Essays 992 words (2.8 pages) Preview - Many times two diseases show links between themselves.

The reason for this defect is often because the parent is over 40 or for some other reason their meiosis migrant mother analysis essay is not "Up to par." The actual defect is an extra chromosome is developed during cell development. tags: Chromosomal Level, Trisomy 21 Better Essays 945 words (2.7 pages) Preview - Translocated Down Syndrome Translocated Down Syndrome is genetically passed on from a parents gene to its child (Clinical Key, 2012). A piece of art, in Aachen, Germany around 1505, seems to portray a person with. tags: Down Syndrome Essays. A twenty-two to fifty fold increase in risk of the development of leukemia along with congenital heart defects in forty percent of these individuals is also seen.

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