how to write a good sponsorship proposal

sponsorship, provided by their esteemed business. 4, begin your proposal by addressing your letter to the creditor and including the name on your account and/or account and invoice numbers. And, of course, some people do succeed in attracting financial sponsorship. How do you know youll be in them? You should choose a debt that is long overdue and which the creditor might reasonably expect will not be paid back. Make sure that you offer somewhat less than you are prepared to pay, as you may need to negotiate with your creditor, increasing the amount of your payment in exchange for more generous payment terms or an improved credit rating. 1, write a good intro. There are dozens of organisations who have pots of money specifically put aside to fund expeditions.

It might have taken you ages to work out how you get your supplies to base camp and you may be fascinated by the history of the place youre visiting but if that information doesnt add anything useful for a potential sponsor then you should. So if youd rather do cheap trips like I do then read my article on how to have an adventure without spending any money. How to get sponsorship for your expedition. If I just dump all the information into an email then I reckon itll be offputting and wont get read (personally, my heart always sinks when I see long blocks of text appear in my inbox).

how to write a good sponsorship proposal

see, the trick to a good sponsorship proposal is that it has very little to do with what you write when you have the right audience.
Sponsorship proposal template to assist you write your next sponsorship proposal with ideas on how to create benefits for your sponsor.

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Highlighting a few accomplishments right away will make it clear why its not a risk to give you sponsorship. When asking for a large sum of money, I wouldnt put that in your email, perhaps not even in the document. Dont underestimate the value of in-kind sponsorship Sometimes the monetary value of these things is not insignificant. Asking for twenty minutes of someones time is far more reasonable. But we thought we had pretty good expedition CVs so basically used it as an opportunity to show off and demonstrate that we were a safe bet. Read through exactly what you said youd do and plan how youll actually. Ive read a lot of pitches that use general assertions without giving anything specific (e.g. Big companies have bigger budgets and can more easily absorb the cost of a few sponsored products.