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Number. Some believe that Iran ordered the destruction of Pan Am 103 in retaliation for the US Navys accidental shooting of an Iranian Airbus in July 1988 over the Persian Gulf. Like Water for Chocolate and the Power of Matches, Oxygen, and a Candle.

Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel Today Symbolism cont AppTiled com Unique App Finder Engine Latest Reviews Market Ut austin essay word limit chocolate essay. Department of the Air Force Air Intelligence Agency intelligence summary report, March 4, 1991, released under a foia request made by lawyers for Pan. These communications were also intercepted by the Mossad, as well as the phone call from Niknam to Mostasheni relating the news from Lovejoy. Because we abide by our Islamic principles, stated Mohammad Jaafar Mahallati, Irans Ambassador to the United Nations, on the day following the shooting down of the Iranian airliner.

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Flight 103 was in the air for 38 minutes before it blew up, right in the middle of the time frame. A written correspondence between the late Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini and the then commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (irgc Mohsen Rezai, has given some insight into why Iran accepted a ceasefire with Iraq in 1988. Newsweek, August 15, 1989. These earlier summaries remain classified, but the US authorities have assured us that neither made mention of Pan Am, nor of any other specific suspected target, but rather referred to a threat to US suspected targets generally. 27, 1989; October 31, 1989; Sunday Times, October 29, 1989. The Lockerbie affair may very well one day top the CIA long undistinguished list of failed operations. There were times when we may have believed otherwise. John McCarthy, then US Ambassador to Lebanon, Chris Revell, the son of Oliver Buck Revell, then executive assistant director of the FBI, and Steven Greene, assistant administrator in the Office of Intelligence of the US Drug Enforcement Administration also cancelled their reservation on Pan. I can assure you there was no smoking gun there. 38 December 24: Transfer of Money The Scottish commission reviewing evidence in the case was able to confirm that Iran and Syria paid the pflp-GC to carry out the bombing, former CIA operative Robert Baer told Jeff Stein.

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