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2015. Nikon and Canon cut their sales estimates in recent years, and for the first time since the digital SLR camera was invented, they saw a reduction in dslr sales volume in 2013. The prime example of this is the Canon T2i, T3i, T4i, Canon 60D and Canon 7D, which all used the exact same basic sensor design which Canon tried its best to describe as new with each camera release. The bizarre selfing-taking M10 will come to the United States, though. Nikon has benefitted greatly by using well-regarded Sony sensors in its cameras. Olympus currently holds 22 of the mirrorless camera market. My limited testing showed a very capable still and video camera, but somewhat buggy software. Photographers who bought a Lytro Illum last year for 1,600 are kicking themselves now when they see them selling for less than 600. That also translates into camera sales, because they often prevent other companies from using their imaging sensors until Sony has used the sensor for 6 months in their own cameras. I haven't spent a ton of time with Panasonic cameras.

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It often means investing thousands of dollars and hoping that the manufacturer stays in the lead for a long time so that your gear does not become obsolete, and your gear basically worthless. Probably the biggest advantage that Nikon has over Canon right now is that it is releasing cameras at a much quicker pace than Canon, which means that its offerings are more up-to-date and often beats Canon spec-for-spec until Canon finally releases a new body. Remember Kodak? Over 140 million units were digital camera units were sold in 2010, with the figure predicted to exceed 145 million in 2011, reports Research in China. Interchangeable lens cameras are expected to gain market share over the forecast period, mainly due to the increased consumer spending on mirror-less cameras and dslrs, particularly in developed countries. Sony: Will sensor technology rule? This has resulted higher R D investments across the market.