possible solutions for unemployment essay

towards a particular job profile and do not show the interest in industrial sector. A video lesson on pie charts, ielts curriculum essay. My own personal view is that it would be better not to introduce the shortened working week because it works only in theory and not in practice. Now a day, in India unemployment is believed as biggest curse for youths, who are well educated and high degree holder but still could not get success in finding a suitable job for themselves. Education system: Ineffective and low quality education system providing theoretical knowledge prevents students to get practical and knowledgeable education which becomes the cause of unemployment in India. A good solution would be to create a kind of groups of support that could have a motivating and supervisory function at the same time. Unemployment Essay 4 (400 words). There is a risk that such a company may collapse.

possible solutions for unemployment essay

Unemployment statistics. Writing sample of essay on a given topic "Unemployment Problem And Solution". Lastly, having a formal group for the unemployed people will enable them to be confident and develop positive attitude in life as they could share their problems and seek possible solutions.

Though rate of unemployment has been decreased in recent years but still demands a special attention by government of India in manner to provide more jobs for deserving and aspiring people. What are the advantages and/or disadvantages of reducing the working week to thirty five hours? Impact of unemployment on people: Problem of Unemployment in India gives birth to various other issues that are completely too hazardous for young generations, these are: Due to mental stress people came in to position of depression. Solutions can be find out for handling this major problem of unemployment in India by doing some kind of efforts through government and the responsible citizens of India. Not only would unemployment be reduced, but the working conditions of employees on very long shifts would also be significantly improved. There the unemployment is the lowest because of essential assistance. They prefer to take unemployment benefits than take up any job. Lack of interest of people towards agricultural and industrial sectors lead the situation of unemployment. As people watch television a lot, such TV-broadcasts would at least stimulate people to consider taking up a job. Nowadays unemployment is one of the biggest problems among many countries in the world.

As a result people would have proper qualifications for types of jobs available. Short Essay on Unemployment, in this category, three essays are given with 100, 200 and 300 words count. Another possible measure to combat unemployment would be improving the education and making better training for workers in order to improve their skills.

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