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to treat an Illness It will kill off not only the bacteria making the person sick but the good bacteria found In our Intestines as well. The, earth rotates in counter-clock direction or from left to right-or eastward direction. All human beings (whether, white, black, yellow or brown) are a single species (called Homo sapiens). Most other organisms cannot survive in such harsh environments. We will now discuss the origin of life on earth briefly. Formed gradually from a disc-shaped matter of debris and gas left by the formation of the sun, the earth was literally a ball of fire at first. Miller and Harold. Evolution Rubric, through all of this the planet still stands and in turn explains the evolution of this planet throughout the geologic timeline.

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This little blue planet has been through bombardments of asteroids, devastating earthquakes, volcanoes that resulted in a total wipeout of entire civilizations. Written by the educator who created What Makes. Free, essays from Bartleby Introduction The main purpose of this essay is to critically discuss the importance of an understanding of human evolution and, man is a product of evolution. Almost 50 million years after the formation of the earth, the moon which was believed to be part of the earth before a planet-sized body collided into it, was formed. Therefore human evolution is intimately related to the origin of life and its development on the face of earth. During the span of several hundred millions of years, the earth has gone through constant shaping and reshaping where eventually the giant supercontinent broke apart forming the continents that are currently formed today. When broken down, Precambrian comprised approximately 90 of the entire geologic timeline. This was maintained at a temperature just below 100C and electric sparks were then passed through the mixture of gases (to simulate lightning) for about one week. Also it is not as if the newly formed species are in any way better than the older ones.

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