failed msc thesis

course, research and writing your thesis. My methodology involved an ambitious plan for a lengthy period of first-hand observation in the field, combined with dozens of interviews with female street prostitutes, police officers, politicians and local activists. The reviews were harsh, the paper was rejected, and Tom doubted whether he was cut out to be an academic. Eager to share the good news, I phoned my parents. Cover everything, students eager to screw up should remember that their thesis is their defining personal and professional achievement. What kinds of jobs did supply chain research papers pdf her previous students obtain? But be sure to cultivate a group of sympathetic academic friends and colleagues with whom you can share and discuss your exploits. Her accomplishments might become tainted or be dismissed. In September there is a meeting of the full Board of Examiners for the MSc (including the External Examiner) where the results from all examinations and dissertations for each candidate are available. Do her students finish their degrees, and in a reasonable time?

Deflated, I had to tell her no, that was not possible. Graduate school can be an enjoyable experience that sets you on the path for a rewarding career. It is easy to assume that at graduate school you will spend most of your time and energy on a thesis. Actually, it will not. In the worst case, in my thesis I would present my negative results, explain why this technique didn't work, and suggest what could be done differently by future researchers. Toms reply came across as both hurt and angry. I am aware of one case where somebody had a nervous breakdown for understandable reasons and the examination board let him repeat the exam. Most obviously, it signals that the department is not committed to you. This article is based on extracts from 57 Ways to Screw up in Grad School: Perverse Professional Lessons for Graduate Students ( University of Chicago Press a book that sets out further ways to screw up, moving from the earliest stages of planning. This will ensure that in 30 years you will be asking whether you are eligible for pension benefits as a graduate student.

Failed msc thesis
failed msc thesis

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